Brush Pick Up

Board of Public Works brush chipping policy:

- Branches/brush must be no more than 10 inches in C.I.A. and no longer than 14 ft.

- Cut ends of branches must be stacked the same way traffic flows

- Branches should not be piled more than 5ft high

- Branches must be free of dirt and roots

- Brush must be stacked so it pulls somewhat easily from pile

- Stumps must be taken to the cities yard waste site located at 1616 Main St.

- Brush will not be allowed at the cities yard waste site located at 1616 Main St. and should be put out to the curb only unless disposed of by a private contractor

- Chipping time at each stop will be limited to 30 minutes until all stops get picked up

- Homeowners are encouraged to call 834-7779 when they put brush out to curb

- Contractor generated brush will not be accepted

- This policy is to be a general guideline and will be adjusted as circumstances warrant

- Brush should not be mixed in with leaves or other yeard waste during the cities loose-leaf collection time

Board of Public Works loose-leaf policy:

- Materials should be placed at curb in separte piles from tree branches

- Leaves should be in a row no more than 5ft wide and approximately 3ft high

- Leaves should be placed in open areas and not around trees, streetlights, street signs and other obstacles that may make it difficult to be picked up

- Please do not place leaves in street. Place leaves between sidewalk and curb. In areas without curb & gutter place leaves as close as possible to the street. Residents placing leaves on the street or in the curb 7 gutter will recieve a warning the first time and citations will be issued after that

- Residents may also bring their loose leaves or yard waste to the cities yard waste site located at 1616 mian St. which is open 24 hrs 7 days a week

- Please be aware it is not accurately possible to tell residents the exact day their leaves and yard waste will be picked up

City Of Oconto

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