Sailfest – June 20, 2015!

The planning for Oconto SailFest at Breakwater Park on Saturday, June 20th is in high gear!  The intent of SailFest is to celebrate our community and families in relationship to our prevalent water resources, which we are very grateful for!  FREE sailing lessons will be given from 1 to 6 p.m. by International Youth Sailing, Ltd. This group will also be offering further sailing lessons in July and August for a nominal fee to continue the learning experience – more info on that will follow.  We will also have “Balloon Art” and “Face-Painting” for the children, the Oconto Fire Department Safety trailer, Venna Dreshek’s Root Beer and Popcorn and we are working on having music outside, a Venetian Parade and, hopefully, a book sale.

Any non-profit or church group who is interested in serving food (either in the pavillion or in a booth on the grounds), desserts, or hosting activities for children, please contact the Mayor at 920-834-7717 or email her at  Thank you!

Organizational Meeting for Aageson Pool Grand Reopening – Wednesday, March 11!

Anyone interested in helping out with the Grand Reopening of Aagson Pool on Sunday, June 7, please plan to attend an organizational meeting on Wednesday, March 11 at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.  It is the hope of the Park & Rec Committee that those citizens who attend this meeting will also be interested in volunteering as a painting crew in the spring and whatever else is needed to assist once the pool is open!  Please plan to attend and become involved.  We are finally reaching the goal that everyone worked so hard to accomplish!

Also, please make sure to put June 7th aside for the Grand Reopening with FREE SWIMMING from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and a 1:00 p.m. ceremony.

Copperfest Truck Pulls

The City has been informed that due to a conflict with the dates, there will be no truck pulls held during Copperfest this year.  We hope that everyone will continue enjoy the other Copperfest activities that are held on that day!

Mayor’s Message – 02.26.15


Hello   Everyone!

We   sincerely apologize that our 5th Annual WinterFest had to be   postponed because of the extreme weather conditions!  I do understand that people ski, skate,   snowshoe, snowmobile, etc. In winter weather, but to ask volunteers to stand   outside to oversee the events for 3 hours straight is just too much to   expect!  The rescheduled date is   Saturday, March 7th at the Oconto Legion Golf Course with the same   schedule:  11:00 a.m. To 2 p.m. – FREE   Outdoor and Indoor Events plus Oconto Girl Scouts Northwoods Chili Cook-Off   (all-you-can-eat including bowl for a small charge)  – 2 p.m. Will be the FREE raffle!  And please, don’t hesitate to enter your   favorite chili recipe into the Northwoods Chili Cook-Off!

The   Candlelight Walk is coming up fast!    February 28th from 6 to 8 p.m. At Copper Culture State   Park!  An enchanting evening under the   stars!

Oconto’s   CopperFest is celebrating its 33rd year this summer, and everyone   is so grateful to those who diligently maintain its existence!  The planning and executing of this 3-day   event is mind-boggling; but the dedicated CopperFest Committee is focused on   your enjoyment of this perpetual City celebration!  Thank You, CopperFest Committee!

I have been   asked by one of the Topps member to mention about their missing scale   again.  It has not resurfaced, and she   is very perplexed that this scale would be removed from a locked, secured   area!

The   wonderful containers to dispose of our used American flags, located at Oconto   City Hall and Thompsons County Market, are sponsored by American Legion Post   74, Amvets Post 63, and VFW Post 3071.

The   Forestry Committee has been working on an EAB Plan for the City of Oconto, as   the Emerald Ash Bore is as close as Brown County, (and a communication was   received recently that it is in the City of Appleton.)  When the plan is completed and passed, it   will be presented to our citizens, that we can all be on the lookout for this   possible devastation to our Ash trees.    As a city, we must be proactive concerning any possible problems; and   that is the reason firewood is no longer allowed at Holtwood Campground.  I urge citizens who burn firewood in their   fire pits at home to PLEASE be very sure where the firewood came from.

The Great   Lakes Boating Ad that I mentioned to you a few weeks ago was completed and   sent out on Tuesday.  What a   successful, combined effort – Thanks to Cruisers Yachts, Hi-Seas Marina,   Oconto Yacht Club, and Sohr’s Harbor Shores!    I am so proud that we all collaborated to achieve a goal that required   a very quick response (2 weeks!)  That   is who we are in Oconto!

Have A   Great Day!  And remember, “When   tomorrow comes, this day will be gone.    In its place is something that you have left behind.  Let it be something good.”

Victoria   Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto

Winterfest – March 7, 2015

Join us for WinterFest on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at the Oconto Legion Golf Club, for a fun-filled winter day!
From 11:00 a.m. To 2 p.m. are the free outdoor events (for prizes) including the “Chair Ski Race” sponsored by Bellin Health/Oconto Hospital – “Ham Putt” sponsored by Electrical Service and Supplies, Inc. – “Turkey Bowling” sponsored by Smet Construction – “Ball Toss” sponsored by Bayl…and Telephone and Financial Life Cycles, Inc. – Bucket Golf sponsored by Nsight/Cellcom – “Willburger Toss” sponsored by Oconto Area Chamber of Commerce – “Bike Toss” sponsored by Wagner Shell Food Mart – “Snow Rides” sponsored by Oconto Fire Department.
Inside will be informational tables from Oconto Police, Oconto Fire, and Oconto Park and Recreation Departments plus the “Logo Contest” sponsored by GFWC Oconto Woman’s Club and the “Dog Sweater Contest” sponsored by WOCO AM & FM.
The “Dog Sweater Contest” judging will be at 1:00 p.m.  Make sure to dress up your pet and bring him/her to this unique event for a prize.
The “Logo Contest” will be from 11:00 a.m. To 1:30 p.m. – Judging at 1:30 p.m. The Oconto Girl Scouts will be sponsoring the Great Northwoods Chili Cook-Off inside from 11:00 a.m. Until all the chili is gone!  Enter your favorite recipe – maybe you will win the Traveling Trophy or a 1st,2nd or 3rd place trophy!  The chili will be all-you-can-eat and include a cute little bowl for the bargain price of $5.00!
At 2:00 p.m. The FREE RAFFLE will be held.  Everyone, including the children, will be given a ticket and the tons of donated prizes will be raffled off!  Usually this event takes 1½ or 2 hours and some ticket-holders are lucky enough to win more than once!
Through the wonderful generosity of our citizens, businesses, and industries, we already have a diverse array of prizes for the free raffle from NEW Credit Union, Subway, Wagner Shell Food Mart, The Garage, Bellin Health/Bond Community Center, KwikTrip, Matravers Hardware, Thompson’s County Market, Shiloh Lounge, Shaun McKeefry, The Brothers 3, Boo’s Bar, XS Hair Studio Salon & Spa, Wise Guy’s Riverside Bar, Crivello’s on Main, Rosemary Rice, Cain Accounting, LLC, Patsy Bake/Avon Rep., Image Apparel, Bay Impressions Office Supply & Printing, Bay Shore Books, LLC.
Join us on March 7th – you are pretty much guaranteed to win something – if not in the events, than in the huge, free raffle!  See you then!
Oconto Park & Recreation Department

Mayor’s Message – 02.20.15


Hello Everyone!

A huge Thank You to Howie Schaden for fixing the clock in the Council Chambers!

Driving around Oconto, it is so wonderful to see how many flags are flown in honor and respect to our country and to those who serve in the military, and veterans.  Please remember that when a flag becomes faded or tattered it should be replaced, and the used flag disposed of properly.  The American Legion Post 74 has provided containers for disposal at Thompson’s County Market and Oconto City Hall.

June will be a very busy month of Oconto events this year – please put these dates on your 2015 calendar!  The Park and Recreation Committee is planning a Grand Opening/Rededication of Aageson Pool on Sunday, June 7th (more details to follow.)  I am very pleased and proud to announce that Dr. Herman Aageson’s (whom the pool is named after) son, Tom, and possibly daughter, Christine, have graciously accepted our invitation to attend this celebration!  This truly reiterates the importance of sustaining the life of Oconto’s recreational asset for the future, and the Aageson family is very happy about the new direction.  The plan is to open Aageson Pool for business the next day, June 8th, as that is the first day of summer vacation.

The next week-end is our 33rd year of Oconto’s CopperFest on June 12,13,14 – always a fun-filled time of unique food, live music, events, parade, fireworks -  an all-around variety of activities to please everyone of every age!

On Saturday, June 20th (the Solstice) a Sail Festival will be held at Breakwater Park to kick off sailing lessons which will tentatively begin the following week on Fridays (more contact info will follow).  Steve and Sara Eliason with Best Days Sailing of Oshkosh will be offering free sailing lessons from 1-6 p.m.  Children’s activities, food choices, music, and other booths are being organized that Oconto’s SailFest will become a family-oriented event to be shared by our community, and everyone else in the surrounding areas.  There will also be a Girls Softball Tournament at Holtwood Complex June 19-21.

The 2nd Annual Nature Festival will be held on Saturday, June 27th at Copper Culture State Park.  This year a Zoomobile will be in attendance along with a different Raptor Show than last year, along with informational areas, and a variety of booths of natural items to purchase.  Also, the Little League Tournament will be held at Holtwood Complex from June 26-28.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts involved, that all of our Oconto events are successful, and are extremely important to our Tourism effort!

See you this week-end at 2015 Oconto WinterFest – Oconto Legion Golf Club – (11:00 a.m. To 2 p.m. – Free Outdoor Events) – (11:00 a.m. Until sold out – Oconto Girl Scouts Northwoods Chili Cook-Off) – (2:00 p.m. – FREE raffle)!!!!!!!

Have A Great Day!  And remember, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”  –  Mahatma Gandhi

Victoria Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto

Mayor’s Message – 02.12.15


Hello Everyone!

May I state, that the actual wording in the line of my Mayor’s Message last week was “As if the people of Oconto aren’t intelligent enough to figure this out!”

Although our November appeared to be the start of another rough winter, the two months following have been quite a blessing!  We still have 2 big months of winter left, and have no idea what they will bring.  When you stop by City Hall, pick up a copy of “Winter Tips to Prevent Frozen Water Lines and Snow Removal Reminders” which is located on the counter, that you have a handy helpful reference.  Pleas dress warmly – and drive slow and safe!

You will remember that Oconto was showcased in the Great Lakes Boating Magazine in their June 2014 issue with a 4-page article including pictures (copy on the City Hall counter for anyone wishing to look through it.)  On Tuesday, I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to the editor of the magazine again, F. Ned Dickmen.  How wonderful that he immediately remembered our community with very warm and favorable comments!  During our conversation, a quite reasonable offer was made by him for a one-page ad in their April issue – due next week.  With assistance from our Cruisers Yachts, Hi-Seas Marina, and Oconto Yacht Club, the plan is to have a eye-catching, informative ad sent to Ned by the deadline, that everyone will be proud of!

Please remember that the Primary Election is February 17th.  You can vote (and also register) at the counter of City Hall starting February 2nd until February 13th.

Oconto’s 2015 Winterfest is fast approaching!  Please stop by the Oconto Legion Golf Club on Saturday, March 7th for a fantasticly-fun winter event – both inside and outside!  The FREE outdoor contests will be held from 11 a.m. To 2 p.m., with prizes awarded to the winners.  Events last year included BIG FOOT PRINTS, CHAIR SKI RACES, TURKEY BOWLING, GREAT HAM PUTT, BIKE TOSS, WILLBURGER TOSS, DOG SWEATER CONTEST, and SNOW RIDES.  Indoor events are usually the LOGO CONTEST and INFO CENTERS (Oconto Police  & Fire Departments, Oconto Park & Recreation & Harbor).  And, the Oconto Girl Scouts will be sponsoring the Northwoods Chili Cook-Off Contest (inside) from 11:00 a.m. Until sold out!  Remember that the chili is all-you-can-eat, and the price also includes a cute little bowl!  The huge FREE raffle will start at 2:00 p.m. And Thanks to all the wonderful prize donations from our city businesses, industries, and citizens – the raffle usual runs a couple of hours!  Hope to see all of you on March 7th, taking part in this excellent winter activity – whether you enjoy being inside, outside, or both – experiencing the contests, the chili, the raffle!  It’s really a great winter time in our beautiful City of Oconto!

Have A Great Day!  And remember, “Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.”

Victoria Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto