Mayor’s Message – 04.16.14


Hello   Everyone!

A huge   Thank You to everyone who got out and voted on Tuesday and expressed their   views!  Of course, an extra Thank You   to those who voted to support my vision of the future for Oconto.  I am very humbled, that in spite of all the   negativity swirling around our beautiful City since 2012, you have confidence   in my honesty, my ability, and above all, the focus I have for every person,   business, and industry here.    Everything Oconto is important!    And, as always, we must keep moving forward.

I am also   very appreciative of all the participation by many, whether offering   contributions to the cause, asking for signs at their homes, placing signs   (over and over due to changing weather), putting together and taking around   the “Park Bench News,” making plans for ads and fliers, pooling money   together, attending events, speaking truthfully and positively regarding   plans for the future of Oconto.  You   are impressively and respectfully dedicated, and I am honored to be in your   presence.  THANK YOU!   From my heart!

I know   everyone is very concerned that our Clock in the downtown Park has not been   on time.  The battery has been changed   a few times, but that is not the problem.    Possibly due to the extreme weather conditions, there is an issue with   the mechanism.  As soon as weather   permits, we will have it diagnosed and fixed.    Thanks for your patience, everyone!

And   speaking of clocks, a huge Thank You to the Oconto County Board Public   Property Committee for their support to repair our Court House Clock.   An important part of growing up in Oconto   (and every present day) has been to listen to the chimes as they mark each   hour of the day.  This soothing sound   has always been vital to our existence, as it reminds us that all is well and   will continue!

Seasonal   launching stickers can now be purchased here at City Hall – $35 across the   board – until May 15th.     After May 15th, the price for nonresidents will be $40.

Congratulations   to our Cindy’s Place on Bridge Street!    Many new renovations have been completed, giving it a “SPA”   atmosphere.  Great Job!  And Thank You for adding to our City!

Thanks to   everyone’s “slow thaw” attitude, snow and the ice on the river are melting   according to the best possible solution.    I am told that water has been released twice now from the Stiles Dam.  I have noticed some cracks appearing on the   Bay – that is also good news!  The last   I spoke to the Corps of Engineers they had asked that we monitor our   situation, and stay in touch with them.    Everyone is in agreement that the holes drilled in the ice were   extremely helpful. (Thanks City Workers!)

Have A   Great Day!  And remember, “I have   learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has in   life, as by the obstacles which one has to overcome while trying to   succeed.”  –  Booker T. Washington


Victoria   Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto

Mayor’s Message – 04.10.14


Congratulations   and Good Luck to each and every Forensic Student who will be competing at   State!  Oconto supports you and we are   very proud!

To   celebrate the LifeSmarts Team achievement of winning State, we will be   honoring them at the Committee of the Whole Council Meeting on April 8th.  There will be a reception at 5:00 p.m. In   the Council Chambers, and a plaque will be presented during the Council   meeting at 6:00 p.m.   Please come and   congratulate these students who have brought honor to Oconto.  Refreshments will be served.

The Town Hall Meeting on March 26th   was very successful, as a variety of citizen’s questions were answered.  I was very pleased with the outcome, and   attendance of Oconto’s people.  Thank   You to Venna, OraLee, and Cindy for organizing this meeting and providing the   delicious refreshments, and Thank You to Vince and Debbie for the use of   their Banquet Hall.  Everyone agreed   that a Town Hall Meeting should be held periodically, maybe every six months.  That is a great idea.  Thank You Everyone!


As reported   in last week’s paper, I was not planning to attend the Chamber Mayoral   Forum.  I truly hoped my decision would   be respected, as I was taking a stand: first, that the citizens are not   allowed to speak, and second, that no one would actually tell me the origin,   by name, of the questions I felt were political.  Since I declined the invitation, there has   been a flood of accusatory Facebook postings, and comments have been made to   me over the phone, and through rumor mills – ridiculous as it all is, my   opponents are accusing me of being afraid.    By the time you read this, most of you will have known that I did go   to the Forum.  There will not be one   moment in my service to all of you, as Mayor, that you will question, whether   I am afraid of anything or anyone.

Have A   Great Day!  And remember, “The ones who   are offended by honesty are the dishonest.”    (Thanks, Dave!)

Victoria   Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto


Oconto Utility Customers Can Stop Running Water

Oconto Utility Customers that were informed to let their water run can now stop that process, however if you have a temporary line servicing your house, we ask that you leave the water run until temperatures at night stay above freezing. The Oconto Utility appreciates your patience and understanding during one of the coldest winters on record and if you have questions or concerns please contact Jeremy Wusterbarth Superintendent of Public Works & Utilities at 834-7725 or Julie Galik at 834-7715 Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Mayor’s Message – 04.03.14


The word   “forum” is described in the dictionary as a “public discussion.”  As I have requested (more than once) that   the public be involved in the Chamber Mayoral Forum, and the decision by   their Board seems to be “no,” I will not participate.  The discrepancies on the origins of the   questions presented to me (twice) speak more toward politics than   information.     I do encourage   everyone to attend the citizen-organized Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday,   March 26th at 6 p.m. At Crivello’s, where you will be able to ask   questions.

More than a   year ago, it was discovered that we were charging more for liquor licenses   than we should.  My opinion was to   return the overcharges to the businesses.    Inexplicably, this overcharge information has been sitting in limbo   for months, and not brought to my attention!    I am assuring the Oconto businesses, I now know, and this issue will   be brought to the Finance and Council in April.

My “VISION”   for Oconto’s future is our people involved in their City, very proud of   Oconto, happy with their government, struggling less to cover their   expenses.  We will have at least 2 more   industries, the rest of our business buildings will be filled with unique,   bustling ideas, the empty homes filled with new families.  The entire Kelly Pickle Property will be   sold – some of it to recreational pursuits.    A walking bridge will connect the Holtwood Campground to the rest of   our City.  We will have a taxi (or   similar) service.  There will be a   two-story lighthouse at Breakwater Park.    More fishing, boating, camping, bicycling, bird-watching enthusiasts   will find us.  Oconto will be lovingly   spoken about and visited by people from all over the world!  I believe this to be true – it will happen!

And   remember, “The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this   endeavor will light our country (City) and all who serve it, and the glow   from that fire can truly light the world.”    –  John F. Kennedy

Victoria  Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto


Job Opportunities – Parks & Recreation Department

The City Of Oconto Parks Department has job openings for the following Summer Part-time positions. Campground Manager, Campground Office Manager and Harbor Master. These positions work from the middle to end of April to the end of October depending on the weather for the starting and finishing dates. Applications are available at City Hall, 1210 Main Street, Oconto, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and are due by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 17, 2014.

Mayor’s Message – 03.27.14


Congratulations to all the students who participated in the recent Near North Music Conference District Solo & Ensemble Festival and Good Luck to those participants who will be competing at the State Level!  Thank You for bringing honor to Oconto!

There have been many concerns about the possibility of spring flooding here in Oconto!  May I assure you that we are doing our due diligence to protect the people, businesses, and industries.   Starting Friday, holes will be drilled in the Oconto River’s ice, from the railroad bridge to the City Docks.  Contact has also been made to the Corps of Engineers and the Coast Guard to request their assistance.  They will get in touch with us in a few weeks, after conferring with the County Emergency Government and the State Emergency Government, and informing us whether or not their assistance will be necessary.

Also, a “slow thaw” will benefit us much more – I am asking everyone to concentrate on this “slow thaw” that we have less problems, ensuring a safer Spring arrival!   Along with the melting snow, garbage will be reappearing on our streets!   Please take a little time to pick up around your area, that we will again be cleaned up!  Thank You!  If you have built-up ice on your roof drains, it has been suggested to put the dry-ice crystals (salt) on this ice to help melt it.

At the suggestion of a Harbor Commission member (Thank You, Ellis!), I am in the process of composing and submitting an article about Oconto, along with information on our recent dredging, our harbor facilities, ect. To Great Lakes Boating Magazine.   I am told we do not have any large, high-resolution (300 DPI) photos to submit with this article.  Would any citizen be able to help me in this area?  Contact has been made by the magazine to a local photographer, but he has declined to participate.

Remember, “The pressures and problems that sometimes surround us are often defeated by the courage and strength that are always within us.”

Victoria Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto

Mayor’s Message – 03.20.14


As I   mentioned last week, “Our children are our role models.”  Oconto is very proud of the O.H.S.   LifeSmarts Team who are AGAIN State Champions – the 7th State   Championship in 15 years!  And, our   Aaron Shallow won the Regional Spelling Bee in Coleman!  Congratulations everyone, and Thank You for   bringing honor to Oconto!

As I have   been asked by citizens about 3    misconceptions that are swirling around our beautiful City, and   misconceptions are untruths, which ultimately become lies, I will address   them.    Misconception #1) “I am   against our hospital” – I support every business in this City, especially one   that our very generous people have contributed millions of dollars, to insure   its reality.  Because I was not able to   attend the fund-raising Bistro for many years (worked week-ends), or had a   conflicting event, does not mean I do not support the Bistro.   Misconception #2)  “I am against ATVS.” -  We are a recreational haven here that has   not reached its potential by any means.    I support every form of recreation, as long as it is safe, and   agreeable to the people who live here.    ATV trails around or through our City are not impossible – they will   take careful planning.   Misconception   #3)  “I am against fishing   tournaments.”  -  We are a fishing haven.  I am not against the tournaments – I do not   believe in paying thousands of dollars for them.  When the reasoning of having tournaments to   bring exposure to our City comes up, I point out that there are many   not-so-costly ways to advertise Oconto – its fishing, its harbor, its many   assets.  I am presently working on composing   and submitting an article to Great Lakes Boating Magazine to bring us   exposure – without cost.  These are   avenues we must explore.

Have A   Great Day!  And remember, “Through   challenges, we grow braver, become stronger, emerge more confident than ever.”

Victoria   Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto




Mayor’s Message – 03.14.14


Oconto is so proud to announce that 4 of our amazing Oconto wrestlers have qualified for State participation!  I am told by one of their coaches that this is the largest number of qualifiers that Oconto has ever had!  Thank You for bringing this honor to Oconto – Brandon Tousey, Bryan Ozak, Elton Kelsey, and Aiden Wusterbarth!

Attitude is key to success.  Successful people are confident, believe in the future, and work diligently in positive ways with positive people to insure favorable results.  Nothing is impossible to successful people.  Our City of Oconto has been proving how successful we are in many ways.  The favorable results of a clean, beautiful city and a “WE CAN DO” attitude are:   Brand-new businesses – we now have 9 in the past two years – and a business that reopened, so that is a total of 10 – more business people who believe in the future of Oconto!  After sitting vacant for a very long time, the Bond Pickle Property is becoming a new life all its own in the past year!  An agreement signed for 1 acre, an offer for another 2 acres, and a now, a new offer for one and one-half of the other acres.   Plans are in the works for a road and utilities, and we will be ready to fill the entire property – soon!  Our role models are Oconto’s Sports teams who are reaching heights that were  previously unattainable, with this “WE CAN DO” attitude.  In the past 2 years, Oconto has its First State Baseball Trophy and its first Runner-Up State Trophy.  Reaching State status is attainable, and we will be there again and again!  Oconto will attract more industry, because we are a perfect community to work and live in – safe, visually appealing, innovative, community-service driven, friendly – Oconto has what it takes to be successful!

Have A Great Day!  And remember, “Horizons are made for going beyond!”

Victoria Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto