Mayor’s Message – 08.14.14


Hello Everyone!

Oconto SailFest 2014 was an absolute huge success!  80 children and adults registered for the 3 days of instructional sailing divided into 3 sessions.  Oconto is extremely grateful to Steve and Sara Eliasen of International Youth Sailing, Ltd. Of Oshkosh and their helpers for bringing sailing vessels and safety equipment free of charge to all participants.  Also we give grateful Thanks to our local Hi-Seas Marina, Oconto Yacht Club, and Sohr’s Shores for donating colorful SailFest t-shirts to the first 47 who signed up! And Thank You to the Oconto Sportsman Club, Oconto Harbor Commission, and Oconto Park and Recreation Committee for their generous donations toward expenses for Steve and Sara.  The future plan for next summer is that Steve and Sara will offer Family Classes 2 nights a week (minimal charge) and also a Sail Festival at Breakwater Park in June is in the works!

Last Friday I was informed that Oconto is on the August 6th Waterways Commission Agenda concerning our application for funding to place a handicapped-access dock at the City Docks.  What wonderful news – as I believe we are one of three whose applications will be reviewed!  This meeting will be held in Hayward, Wisconsin which is 5 hours north.  I plan to personally attend to represent us.  However, I WILL NOT submit a bill to the taxpayers for my gas or lodging.

How wonderful to see walkers and bikers of all ages everywhere you turn in Oconto!  I am so pleased this is happening, as the fresh air and heart/lung maintenance is very positive regarding our health.  At some point, I would like to start a Mayor’s Walk/Ride one day a week from City Hall to the City Docks and back.

Thank You to the 3 young Oconto males who proved what “honesty and integrity” means by turning a phone they found into the Oconto Police Department.  We are very proud of you!

I understand the frustration of all people regarding the condition of the Highway 22 roundabouts that are at the entrance to Oconto from the west.  After the State constructed these roundabouts, they were turned over to Oconto County, which now has jurisdiction over them.  I am told that the County does not have funds to redo the areas, and that is why those of us who are concerned about their condition have volunteered to work on them.  It is very sad to me that this volunteer work has been criticized on Facebook!  However, we will always go forward, and eventually this sad condition will turn into one of pride!  (Just as the “Breathe of Fresh Air”- Brazeau Avenue fence area – has done!)

Have A Great Day!  And remember, “An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while the pessimist sees only the red stoplight.”  –  Albert Schweitzer

Victoria Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto

Credit, Debit and Prepaid Gift Cards Now Accepted at City Hall

In an effort to make things more convenient for our customers, we are pleased to announce that you can now pay all fees at City Hall with a credit, debit or prepaid gift card!  This includes payment of water bills, charges for garbage bags, payments for citations, accident reports, special assessments, transfer station fees, etc.  There is a convenience fee for each purchase and the amount of the fees is posted at City Hall.

In addition, Utility Bills, Citations and other miscellaneous charges can now be paid online with a credit, debit or prepaid gift card by going to:  Again, a convenience fee applies and you will be notified of the amount prior to making payment.

We hope these new services make doing business at City Hall a little easier!

Mayor’s Message – 08.07.14

MAYOR’S MESSAGE: Hello Everyone! Miracles do happen! People really do care! I am ecstatically happy to report that the City of Oconto received the $14,000 donation from the K.C. Stock Foundation to assist with the repairs of the Aageson Pool facility! Such glorious, hopeful news toward the reachable goal of reopening this wonderful asset of ours! Oconto is eternally grateful to K.C. And his family for believing that there is still years of life in the pool for our children (and adults) to enjoy. And, I, personally again want to Thank You, K.C. And your family for assisting me in an almost 3-year goal for the future of Oconto. The only reality glitch is that this reopening is looking more like next summer, rather than later this summer. As the days are passing, the updated shower areas are closer to finalization, the new pump and chairlift are being attached as we speak, and if the weather holds out, the pool bowl will be painted this week-end. With the finishing touches still needed in the shower area, and the inspection by the State health department (who usually need a two-week notice), we still would have the daunting task of trying to find certified lifeguards who are not already employed. Even with all that sad news, how very wonderful to see our Oconto River utilized more and more every day, not only by boaters, but just as heavily used by people tubing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming! Please remember that you are able to rent these vessels at Holtwood Campground – call ahead to make sure the office is open at 834-7732. The Campground also has mini-golf and the carts for fun activities and the Disc Golf Course is nearby. A huge Welcome to Oconto and Congratulations to Captain Kenny who has his “Watercraft Rentals, Chartered Adventure Trips and Thrill Rides” up and running! Contact him at 920/834-2243 or or for information on his cruises and other vessels to rent. I am told that the flags will be displayed on the Brazeau Avenue fence through 9/11. The idea has been presented to display a banner in remembrance of 9/11 – That We Never Forget. Would any group or individual be interested in sponsoring this banner? Please call me at 834-7717 Have A Great Day! And remember, “We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly by embracing one another.” — Luciano De Crescenzo (Thank You, my sister, Donna!) Victoria Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto

National Night Out – August 5, 2014

Again this year the Men and Women of the Oconto Police Department along with the National Association of Town Watch (NATW) are sponsoring a nationwide crime, drug, and violence protection program on August 5th 2014, entitled “National Night Out”.

The “31st Annual National Night Out” provides a unique opportunity for the Oconto Police Department to join forces with thousands of other communities across the country in promoting cooperative, police-community crime prevention efforts.  It is essential that all citizens in the City of Oconto be aware of the importance of crime prevention programs and the impact that their participation can have on reducing crime, drugs and violence in the City of Oconto.

We are inviting you to be a part of “National Night Out” by joining us August 5th between 6-9pm at the Oconto City Hall –Police & Fire Departments.

Lots of Activities and displays are planned with a special visit by Eagle III Helicopter at 6:30pm, Oconto Fire & Rescue Department ,  Merline’s Magic Face Painting, and balloon twisting.  Machickanee Players food booth, Brayson Bouncers, Oconto Sheriff’s Department K-9 Demonstration, City of Oconto Parks/Recreation and Public Works displays along with lots more!!!!

Come, eat and spend a few hours having fun while visiting and learning more about crime prevention and public safety.  We hope to you see you there.



Scherer Avenue Construction – Beginning August 4, 2014

The Oconto Public Works Department will begin the reconstruction of Scherer Avenue from the Superior Avenue bridge to Seventh Street on Monday, August 4 at 6:30 a.m.  This work will include milling of the existing asphalt and the construction of a new base for the new asphalt which will be laid in place during the week of August 10th.  At this time, the Superior Avenue bridge is scheduled to be closed until Wednesday, August 6.  The Oconto Highway Department is scheduled to start installing the new asphalt on August 11 (this date is subject to change due to weather).

The City of Oconto understands the inconvenience construction brings to our residents and appreciates your cooperation during this project.  If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Wusterbarth, Superintendent of Public Works at (920)834-7725 or (920)373-2408.

Mayor’s Message – 07.30.14

MAYOR’S MESSAGE: Hello Everyone! With pride, we offer our Congratulations to the Oconto Softball Team, and Jeremy Wusterbarth who was named “Coach of the Year” by the Green Bay Press-Gazette and Kailey Trudeau who was named “Packerland Player of the Year. Also Laken James, Becky Berth and Kelly Stewart who were selected to the first-team Packerland All-Conference and Jaelyn Jicha, Mykala Moes, Emily Shallow, and Amber Westphal who received second team honors. It really says a lot for this team, that so many members and their coach received recognition. Thank You all for bringing very positive recognition to your community and your school. I received an e:mail from a citizen complimenting the work on the weeds at Brazeau Avenue fence, and also how beautiful it looks with the “Lights for the Veterans.” As she commented, this lighting with the flags has brought out in us the patriotic spirit, which we should always remember and display. She was wondering if any individual or group would be interested in purchasing a patriotic banner for the fence or perhaps use lights or flags again to emphasize our resolve. This is an excellent idea, as I have always respected those cities who have flags adorning entire bridges. As I said on Memorial Day, I encourage everyone to display a flag all year around in honor and tribute in our homes and our businesses. As we do on Main Street all summer, should our fence always have flags, until Christmas when the Memorial Wreaths are exhibited. Thank You to The Garden Spot for their generous donation of flowers for the City Park flowerbeds and to Shopko Stores for the wonderful deal they gave the Oconto Women’s Club on flowers for the horse trough in Freedom Park. Also Thanks to those individuals who did the planting. All efforts to make Oconto even more beautiful are very much appreciated! Congratulations to Rick and Jorene LeBreck of Jorene’s LeCuts on their 25th Anniversary of business in Oconto! What a milestone of achievement they have attained, and are continuously looking ahead at future endeavors for their business. Thank You, Rick and Jorene (and Peggy) for believing in Oconto! Our Code Enforcement officer on the Oconto Police Force has been doing an excellent job in taking her position very serious, following up on complaints, and physically checking out areas that need attention. This is not meant to single out any one person, but to ensure that we are all following the correct laws and procedures that have been put in place, whether it be for safety reasons, health reasons, or reasons of community betterment. As I have often said, if we want to attract new residents, businesses, and industries, we must look put together, that we know what we are doing. No one will consider a community that is unkempt, uncaring. Have A Great Day! And remember, “Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them.” — Aristotle Victoria Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto

AIM Fishing Tournament Activites and Events – July 24-26

Don’t forget about the AIM Walleye Tournament that is in Oconto this weekend!  The boats launch at 7 a.m. each day after a morning ceremony.  Weigh-in is at 5:00 p.m. each day and tomorrow there will be a boat parade at 4:30 down Chicago and Main Streets, ending at the Breakwater.  After Friday’s weigh-in there will be a youth fishing clinic.  Saturday will be the final weigh-in to award the winners.  Come on out and enjoy this great event!

Mayor’s Message – 07.24.14


Hello Everyone!

The City’s heartfelt Thanks and a huge Pat-on-the-Back goes out to John Wittkopf and his wife, Carol, for their unselfish contribution of purchasing a very expensive tractor to exclusively cut those areas of the Disc Golf Course that need more attention.  This gesture is so appreciated by everyone, as it will solve all problems, and really keep the course up to its premium level.  This is another one of those wonderful examples of a citizen doing whatever it takes to get to an ultimate goal that benefits everyone!  Carol and John are also setting up a Disc Golf League on Sundays at 2:00 p.m. Until the snow flies!  One more excellent recreation idea in Oconto!  Thank You again, John and Carol, for taking the time and using your money to improve our beautiful City!

Work continues behind the Brazeau Avenue fence area – it has now been given the name “Breath of Fresh Air,” which certainly describes the feeling you get driving or walking by!  There have been numerous positive comments by many people who are really happy with the work of Jodi Bostedt and her co-worker at Cruisers, Mike Burkowski.  They have been assisted by Jerry and Tess Dolata, and recently, Ed Hochmuth stopped to lend a hand also.  I am so proud of all of you – this has been a very dangerous and tedious job, but you are determined to complete it, and bring back the beauty of the scenic river!

A necklace was found in a grassy area by XS Hair Studio on Brazeau Avenue, possible dropped during the fireworks display on July 4th.  It can be claimed by stopping in at XS Hair Studio, and providing a description to make sure we find the correct owner.

Speaking of the fireworks display, I hope everyone was happy with it this year!  For myself, it was definitely of the high quality that we had 2 and 3 years ago.  Last year was a disappointment, and I contacted the company to express my dismay.  Through negotiations, I believe we are back to “More Bang For Our Buck.”  What do you think?  What else would you like to see?

Our dredging project is nearly final completion.  The hydrographic survey (which determines the final width and depth) has been done and we are in the process of dealing with the survey’s results.  Everyone is anxious to move on, but we must make very sure that our goals are met.

Please remember to participate in Oconto’s SailFest on either July 29, 30 or 31 at Breakwater Park from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Everything is free!  Register for a day at 834-7717 or

Have A Great Day!  And remember, “The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.  Do good anyway.”  –  Mother Teresa  (Thank You, Lori!)

Victoria Bostedt, Mayor for Oconto