Mayor’s Message – 11.23.15


Hello Everyone!

Although Veteran’s Day has come and gone, let us remember throughout the year to always say “Thank You for your service” when you see our veterans.  Their dedication and sacrifice to protect our freedoms, should be honored and respected every day.

The repair on the handicapped fishing pier is very close to completion.  Last week the final touches were finished on the rip rap underneath the pier.  The railings will be replaced, when they are ready.

Also, the docks have been removed for the season at Breakwater Park.  However, the street lights and lighthouses will remain on until the end of November, for those still fishing along the break wall.

The Oconto business of the week is one of our unique home-based businesses – “Legacy Studio.”  Legacy Studio creates custom clothing for girls and boys – newborn to size 10.  This includes special occasion dresses and outfits, casual dresses, outfits, aprons and smocks.  Unique embroidered items, both traditional and cutting edge, along with unique bedding (pillows, small blankets, quilts and wall hangings) can be created.  Also accessories including bonnets, hair bows, barrettes, purses and bags.  Contact Pam or Liz at (920) 544-3094 or at

For a city of our size, we are very fortunate to have a high number of dedicated nonprofit groups.  As busy as everyone’s lives are in the present time, it is very commendable that people volunteer to start new ideas for our community.  Even though this year’s Little League season has come and gone, it was recently brought to my attention that way back in the 1970s, three people were instrumental in the formation of our Little League.  Thanks to John Thompson, Francis Hanes, and Gloria Hanes (now Sandberg) eight teams were formed and competitive games set up with other cities – all on only one field.  And now, Holtwood Complex is comprised of 7 separate state-of-the-art fields for the children, along with the Little League Tournament which draws in over 60 communities.  Thank You, John, Francis, and Gloria for starting an idea, which brought us to the present successes of today!

Have A Great Day!  And remember, “We all have possibilities we don’t know about.  We can do things we don’t even dream we can do.”  —  Dale Carnegie

Mayor’s Message – 11.19.15


Hello Everyone!

Starting November 1st, please remember that there is no overnight parking on the city streets during the winter months.

Last week three representatives of the Canadian National Railroad stopped by City Hall and presented Oconto with a $2,000 check.  This is the result of a grant that was submitted earlier in the year, toward expenses on the new boardwalk at Copper Culture Park.  You will remember that the boardwalk was Graham Welch’s Eagle Scout project, and we are all so grateful that he chose this area to improve.            We also Thank the Canadian National Railroad for their generosity.

Oconto’s business of the week is Oconto Pharmacy – complete with its joyfully-decorated display windows and inviting music, playing outside and within.  Walking into this store is comparable to entering 10 separate stores. If you are looking for a birthday, anniversary, or wedding gift, you will find it.  Same is true regarding their enormous collection of greeting cards.  As its name includes Pharmacy, you can have your prescription filled, along with the availability to purchase a wide array of sundries.  An assorted selection of framed art is available.  Hobby enthusiasts – sewing to doll-making – will find their wares here.  Choices of assorted silk or plastic flowers await you.  The ability to print pictures from your camera disc is at Oconto Pharmacy.  Buy a box of candy as a gift or individual pieces for your sweet tooth.  Finding unique decorations every holiday or season is always fun!  Enjoy your visit!

Recently we received a report from the Wisconsin Department of Administration, with very good news!  Our population has again grown to 4,557 – (from 4,513 on our city entrance signs) as of January 1, 2015.  A surprising fact is that 3,533 of the 4,557 people in our city are of voting age.  The aamayoral election of 2014, which was the highest participation in recent years, registered 1,352 votes for mayor.  More than 2,000 of our people chose not to vote.  This is a number we should all work on to change.

I also wish to mention that quite a bit of Wayne’s Family Restaurant’s description was omitted last week (apparently I went too far over my word quantity.)  As I feel that part of the heart of the description was missing, I am going to repeat what was left out.  “Wayne’s is also the warm WELCOME sign which beckons you to come right in.  Help yourself to the daily special – anywhere from scalloped potatoes and ham to stuffed peppers.  Try the unique, homemade pizza of Karen’s.  You can find everything your heart desires in their buffets.”

Have A Great Day!  And remember, “Although the life of a person is a land full of a thousand weeds – there is always a space in which the good seed can grow.”  —  Pope Francis

Recycling Pick-Up – Week of Thanksgiving






There will be no recycling pick-up on Thursday, Nov 26th and Friday Nov 27th, 2015. 


All residents that would normally get picked up on Wednesday, Nov 25th will receive pick-up on Monday, Nov 23rd.


All residents that would normally get picked up on Thursday, Nov 26th will receive pick-up on Tuesday, Nov 24th


All residents that would normally get picked up on Friday, Nov 27th will receive pick-up on Wednesday, Nov 25th




Jeremy Wusterbarth

Superintendent of Public Works & Utilities

Mayor’s Message – 11.11.15


Hello Everyone!

Sunday was a wonderfully busy day for Oconto events to attend and support! Holy Trinity Church served their tantalizing turkey dinner at lunch – a meal I look forward to, because it reminds me of my Mom’s Thanksgiving dinner (complete with your choice of pumpkin or apple pie – a piece of each, if you wish!)  At the same time chicken booyah was cooking in a huge caldron at Guy’s Riverside Bar – to be sold as a fund-raiser for the Oconto Area Humane Society – also very delicious!   From there, I attended the Machickanee Players’ fall production, “Dearly Beloved” – a full house waiting to be entertained by a perfectly-portrayed comedy.  I consider myself a person who has a zero sense of humor – and I do believe I outwardly laughed or at least chuckled over every line!  The cast of actors melted into their characters, evoking a sense of reality to the theatre patron.  And, after all, the experts do insist that laughter is a very healthy exercise!

How lucky we are, here in Oconto, to be fed and entertained by groups of people who dedicate themselves to their missions. Not only do they benefit, but we are actually the more fortunate ones, having these events at our fingertips to enjoy!  And they depend on our involvement to be successful. Please remember that – each time an event comes our way!

And speaking of food, the business of the week is Wayne’s Family Restaurant – which, of course, immediately says to us – Caroline’s award-winning, widely-renowned, mouth-watering pies! Wayne’s is also the WELCOME sign which beckons you to come right in – always toasty warm in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer.  Help yourself to the daily special – anywhere from lasagna to stuffed peppers.  Try the unique, homemade pizza of Karen’s.  You can find everything your heart desires in their buffets.  Breakfast is served in large quantities – Good Luck cleaning up your plate!

The plan at this time is to begin the all-way stops at the intersection of Pecor Street and Superior Avenue on November 9th.  Information is being relayed, as we speak, to those businesses/industry in the affected area.

Please be aware that there is a new scam out there, promising “an approved lump sum of $1,050,000.00 shared among the seventeen international winners in this category.” This letter’s purpose, of course, is to eventually obtain your banking information; and we all know how dangerous personal information (especially financial) is in a stranger’s hands.  Please do not participate.  Please turn it over to the Sheriff’s Department, or throw it away.

May I again mention that the City is working toward “Paperless Billing” regarding utility bills; which will be more convenient for you, and also save taxpayer dollars in postage. If you haven’t already enrolled, please stop by and pick up an application, or call Julie at (920) 834-7715.  You can also obtain an application on the City’s website – – under “News and Information.”

Have A Great Day! And remember, “Look up and not down;Look forward and not back;Look out and not in;And lend a hand.”  —  Edward Everett Hale

Mayor’s Message – 11.05.15


Hello Everyone!

I have spent quite a bit of the last days doing what has been described (because of the time of the year) as a “Pumpkin Run!” In other words, I go everywhere around the city to check out to see how many of us (citizens and businesses) have pumpkins, and or fall/Halloween decorations.  As I have said before, even one pumpkin on a porch or in a yard ties us together as a community.  We are committing to give our City a welcoming appearance!  I am estimating that about 80% of us are involved – which is a very high number!  THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

While doing the “Pumpkin Run” yesterday, I was intrigued by the decorations at Klassy Kids Resale, LLC, and stopped in for the first time. How very impressive this wonderful shop is decorated and set up for customers!  There are many individual rooms painted in happy colors and designated for age groups.  Large amounts and varieties of clothing, from boots to sleepers, Halloween costumes to snow suits, are tastefully displayed – for babies to teens.  Just walking into the doorway will change your mood into joy – on top of the fact, you are sure to find an item you will want!  I bought a leather jacket, that just happened to fit, for only $15!

This has given me the idea to showcase an Oconto business/industry each week – as we have such an eclectic and impressive amount of businesses/industries for a population of our size – and we are very grateful that each and every one of them has chosen Oconto for their future! THANK YOU, BUSINESSES AND INDUSTRIES!

I was told today that the angel weeding the West Roundabout is Nancy Pecor! Thank You, Nancy, for your diligence to get the best of those horsetails!  (And Thank You to those who let me know it was Nancy!)

Driving across many of our street/railroad track intersects, you must be noticing that they are in need of repair. This falls under the responsibility of the Canadian National Railroad.  Please call 1-800-465-9239, and report any of the areas that you are experiencing problems.  The DOT number is 181360V.  The more calls they receive from us, I believe they will realize we need their help and attention.

Soon it will be time for the Winter Wonderland set up – Saturday, November 14th!  If you have some time to spare, I’m sure they can use volunteers – I hope to make it out there myself!  If you haven’t registered for decorating a tree or setting up Christmas wooden figures, please do.  I am told it is still possible to purchase a cut tree for $25 to decorate.  Any questions, please call Ron or Kathy Hayes at Image Apparel, 835-5606.  Let us work together to make this an even bigger Winter Wonderland, as big as it was in the beginning!

Have A Great Day! And remember, “I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me.  All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”  —  Jackie Robinson (Thank You, my sister, Donna!)

All-Way Stop at Pecor and Superior

At the September 8th, 2015 City of Oconto Council Meeting, the Council voted to add an all-way stop at the intersection of Pecor St and Superior Ave. The Council felt the need for the all-way stop at this intersection as it would improve the overall safety at that intersection. The City of Oconto’s Public Works Department will be installing the new signs at 6:30 a.m. on Monday November 9th, 2015. Please spread the word!

Mayor’s Message – 10.29.15


Hello Everyone!

Please join our new “VIP Text List.” We have started this as another form of communication to you, when we would like you to have important information.  There is no charge from the city, but cell phone standard text-messaging rates may apply.  TO SIGN UP:  Text – KK634 Message, then text – 36000

The second Boys Baseball State sign is up on Brazeau Avenue/Hiway 41. Check it out when you can!

Also, you will have noticed that the Scherer Avenue water tower is now painted a beautiful blue, in support of our school colors – blue and gold. We were hoping to also have gold lettering, but that was not possible this time around.

The City Council has approved placing all-way stops at Pecor Street and Superior Avenue. Speeding has been an ongoing issue, more so after Pecor Street was repaired.  The police placed the speed monitor up a few times, and I mentioned it in a previous Mayor’s Message, but nothing deterred the problem.  Also, drivers were waiting at Superior Avenue (sometimes quite a while) before they can cross or turn; therefore, frustration ensues, and they take a chance!  Very dangerous, and that I can personally attest to, as I was almost hit twice in a short period of time recently.  I have supported doing this since becoming Mayor, citizens brought it to my attention right away.  One year ago, the process was started, and then ended.  In the best interests and for the safety of everyone, this is a good plan to follow.  It will take a bit of getting used to – as Main Street and Superior Avenue did – but eventually we all will be rightly taking our turn, to proceed on our daily travels.

The process is beginning to build a Bike/Skateboard Park for our children interested in these sports. The design has been submitted to a company, who will give us an estimate on costs.   A volunteer group is being formed to work on fund-raisers.  Please contact Sue Anderson at (920) 834-2362 if you wish to help.  Many hands will be needed that the Bike/Skateboard Park becomes a reality!

Congratulations to our Pearl Christopherson who recently received an award from The Rustic Roads Board for her submitted photo in the 2014-15 Photo Contest. Pearl also enjoys traveling on her motorcycle to all of the Rustic Roads of Wisconsin and has been given recognition three times, for doing so!  Excellent Job, Pearl!  Thank You for bringing honor to Oconto!

Last night, the Park and Recreation Committee was told by our Bird City representative, Cordula VanDenHeuvel that presently, the Oconto Bird City Facebook page is second in the State as far as visitors – and, we received more than our State Capitol, Madison! Speaking of Cordula, she is working toward obtaining two purple martin houses through a grant and sponsorships!  Thank You, Cordula, for your tireless work on Oconto Bird City!

Please remember that Oconto’s Trick or Treat hours this year are 4 to 7 p.m. On Saturday, October 31st!

Have A Great Day! And remember, “Heaven will be inherited by every man who has heaven in his soul.”  — Confucius

Copper Culture Boardwalk Project

Officials from Canadian National Railroad came to City Hall this morning to present a grant in the amount of $2,000 for the Copper Culture Boardwalk project.

The Boardwalk was built by Graham Welch (with assistance from several others) as his Eagle Scout project. Senator Dave Hansen and Representative John Nygren were present to congratulate Graham. Other generous donations to this project came from Bond Foundation, Oconto Kiwanis Club, Don and Irene Nerenhausen, Hall Title & Abstract, Oconto Woman’s Club and Oconto Lions. Thank you to Graham for his hard work on this project, Rod Barta for overseeing the project, all of the donors and to all who worked with Graham on the project to help make it a success!IMG_1420 IMG_1421 IMG_1422 IMG_1425