Park Shelter Reservation

Any person or group wishing to request to reserve a City facility must submit a completed Shelter Rental Agreement Form with appropriate fee and deposit to City Hall (1210 Main St.) specifying the facilities to be used and the date(s).

Requests for reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The City reserves the right to deny any request if the proposed use of the facility would interfere with the maintenance of the facility, City operations, sporting tournament or if the proposed use is in violation of any local, State or Federal laws.

The City may also deny requests from persons or groups who have previously used City facilities and have either damaged City property or engaged in disruptive behavior.

Available Park Shelters:
Breakwater Shelter
City Docks Lions Shelter
City Park Bostedt Building
City Park Civic Building
Copper Culture Shelter
Holtwood Lions Shelter
Holtwood Sporting Complex

City Of Oconto

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