2018 Leaf Pick-Up




We have received many phone calls about leaves ready for pick-up. The leaf pick-up is a slow process this time of the year with the amount of leaves that fall so quickly. There are times it may take us a full week just to get thru the entire city, if not just a portion of it. We have also had some unforeseen mechanical break downs. Please understand this is a slow process and it may be 7-12 days before your leaves get picked up. You also have the option to bring your leaves to the yard waste site located at 1610 Main St, which is open 7 days a week if choose not to wait for curbside pick-up. It is also helpful if you help follow the leaf pick-up policy below.


·        Material should be placed at the curb in separate piles. Leaves should be in a row no more than 4 feet wide and approximately 3 feet high. Leaves should be placed in open areas and not around obstacles such as street signs or trees or will not be picked up. Bagged material or mixed material will not be picked up.


  • Do not put leaves into the street. Place the leaves between the curb and the sidewalk and as close to the curb as possible. Leaves placed on the street will not be picked-up unless placed back in the area defined for proper pick-up. Brush cannot be mixed in with leaf piles.



Thank you


Jeremy Wusterbarth

Superintendent of Public Works & Utilities

City of Oconto