Bird City

Oconto became Bird City in the year 2012, and is working continuously on improving the City’s bird habitat.

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Interested in tracking wildlife, such as birds, butterflies, and bats, in your area? Visit MOTUS Wildlife Tracking System.

Oconto Breakwater Park (ID#10304) is a part of Project #234 WGLBBO – Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory Inc.

View the interactive map here:

You will be able to see animals & species detected, as well as their flight path, distance travelled, and average speed of travel.


How you can help the birds of your city:

1. Help the Birds Brochure.

2. Keep your cats indoors or on a leash as it is city ordinance.

3. Get rid of invasive plants in your yard and community. You can find brochures at City Hall or go to the following websites:
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services
DNR – Invasive Species

4. You can also create a Wildlife Habitat in your backyard:
Check out the website of the National Wildlife Federation

5. Help prevent birds from striking your windows.

Pick up a flyer at City Hall or go to these websites:
American Bird Conservancy


Bald Eagle

Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin, Inc.

Bird City Oconto has created 9 Bluebird trails within the city.

1. Copper Culture State Park monitored by Kevin & Denise Judy
2. Holtwood Sporting Complex monitored by Don Denor
3. Farnsworth Public Library monitored by Cordula VanDenHeuvel
4. Oconto Elementary School monitored by Bayshore Community Academy
5. Sharp Park monitored by Nevaeh McLeod
6. Prevea and Aurora Grounds monitored by Don Denor
7. Oconto Sportsmen’s Club monitored by Al Powers
8. Beyer Home Museum monitored by Joe Watt
9. City Park monitored by James & Cathy Carnes

If you see any fallen / broken bird houses, please contact the number on the bird house (920) 834-7706.

If you are interested in monitoring your own Bluebird Trail please contact Bird City Oconto .

The Midwest Crane Count is also happening annually in our city and county.The Oconto County Crane Count Coordinator is always in need of volunteers to count cranes one day a year throughout the county.

Please contact:

Amber Van Den Heuvel
Oconto County Crane Count
P.O. Box 405
Oconto WI 54153

Great birding places within the city are:

Oconto Marsh State Game Refuge on County Hwy Y

You will find a dike for hiking and a viewing platform with benches.
When you go, don’t forget to pick up the Oconto Marsh bird list at City Hall or your Library.

For more details get a digital copy of the brochure.

City Park on County Hwy N

With access to the lake you can see many birds during their migration. A special treat is the Redheaded Woodpecker who calls this park of 24 acres its home.

Oconto Harbor

Especially during the Spring and Fall during migration, and with a permanent eagles nest at the Harbor.

Copper Culture State Park on Copper Culture Way

Home to one of Oconto’s Bluebird Trails and the Bald Eagles that visits regularly. Here you can see a lot of different wildlife and can find trails with nature and historical signs on 45 acres.

The Kiosk at the park will have 2 sites full of information about birds and events planned by Bird City Oconto.

Other important birding websites:

Northeastern Audubon Society

National Audubon Society

Wisconsin eBird

Wisconsin Society for Ornithology

Birds & Blooms

Natural Resource Foundation Wisconsin

The Cornell Lab All About Birds

Birding Apps:

  1. Audubon guide birds and other nature apps
  2. National geographic birds: field guide to North America
  1. Wild About Wisconsin Birds – A Youth’s Guide to the Birds of Wisconsin by Adele Porter
  2. Bird’s of Wisconsin by Owen J. Gromme
  3. Wisconsin Bird Watching – A Year-Round Guide by Bill Thompson
  4. Bird of Wisconsin with Audio CDs by Stan Tekiela

These books and many more can be found at the Farnsworth Public Library, 715 Main Street, Oconto