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Every town, village, city, and county has ordinances. An ordinance is a written law adopted by a municipal governing authority, i.e., a town board, a village board, a city council, or a county board. Ordinances address things like public health and safety, land use and zoning, and government administration.

A municipal code of ordinances provides an organized location for all current rules and regulations affecting the municipality. It provides citizens, municipal staff, and third parties with one basic source for knowing the current rules and regulations of the municipality. 

Ordinances are put into place to protect the safety and well-being of their municipality as a whole. They ensure the municipality will be fair and consistent with all businesses, property owners, and residents within the municipality.

Ordinance on Spotlight is designed to bring awareness to current City Ordinances. Knowledge and transparency are keys to happiness and success!


  • Our Weed Commissioner is the Superintendent of Public Works.
  • An exception to this Ordinance is made in May. Also known as No Mow May. Participation is a way to promote a pollinator-friendly habitat early in the growing season. Participation is voluntary, however if you choose to participate, please contact the City of Oconto to be added to the No Mow May Participation List.

City of Oconto regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The City of Oconto has been monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Oconto County Health Department regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Due to concern for the health and safety of our employees and residents, The City of Oconto has decided to close the municipal building (Oconto City Hall) to the public. This closure takes effect on Monday, March 16, 2020 and will continue until further notice.

More Information can be found in here

Exciting Changes in the City of Oconto for Upcoming Elections!

Exciting Changes in the City of Oconto for Upcoming Elections!

As you may have heard, the City of Oconto (and most other municipalities in Oconto County) has purchased a new voting machine to be used in all Elections beginning with the February 18, 2020 Election. This new machine is called the Image Cast Evolution (ICE) and is a paper ballot only machine. It will replace all of the other three voting machines that the City was previously using (2 electronic machines and one paper machine).

A benefit of the ICE is that if there is an error made on a ballot by a voter, the ICE will reject the ballot and state on the screen what error has occurred. This will allow voters to return the erroneous ballot to the poll workers for spoiling and obtain a new ballot which can be voted correctly.

One important thing to note is that the paper ballots will now have a circle to fill in next to each candidate or contest. Voters will now only have to fill in the circle next to their choice instead of having to connect two arrows with a line.

To accommodate all voters voting by paper ballot, the City has purchased an additional 10 voting booths which will be set up on Election Day. We do not anticipate that there will be a longer wait to vote than before as the ICE machine can handle up to 4,000 voters in one day.

Here is a link to more information and a video about the new ICE machine: https://www.ccelections.com/products/election-equipment/ice


Any questions regarding the ICE voting machine or the upcoming elections can be directed to City Hall at (920)834-7711 or admin@cityofoconto.com.


Spring Primary Election – Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Spring General Election – Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Partisan Primary Election – Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Fall General Election – Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Sara Perrizo, CPA

City Administrator

Job Opening – WWTP Operator




The City of Oconto is accepting applications for an operator position at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. DNR certifications a plus but will train and provide schooling to chosen candidate. Must have ability to obtain class B CDL within first year of hire. Information about the job description, requirements and application can be picked up at Oconto City Hall, 1210 Main St, Oconto, WI 54153. Deadline to submit application is Monday February 24th, 2020 by 12:00 p.m.


The Oconto Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 1.8MGD facility including a commercial lab. Our process consists of preliminary treatment, primary treatment, and a secondary treatment process consisting of a trickling filter, suspended growth, clarification and chlorine disinfection. The collection systems is made up of 38 miles of sanitary sewer and 13 lift stations with a total of 24 pumps throughout all the lift stations. Pumps range in size from 2hp to 10hp in the collection system. Operators are responsible for monitoring flow through the collection system and treatment facility. Maintaining all mechanicals and structures throughout the collection system and at the treatment facility. Lab testing is done 3 days a week all year round. Our focus is to operate at the highest level of efficiency in every way possible and to keep our users and downstream waters safe for everyone to enjoy.   A Wisconsin advanced wastewater certification with subcategories A1,A2,B,C,D,L,P, SS and 5 years experience are preferred but not required. Oconto Utility Commission will provide training and schooling for the new hire per agreement at time of hiring.


Job duties consist of but are not limited to:

Changing charts
Recording pumping data
Collecting grab and composite samples
Physically disposing of screenings
Operating grit removal system
Data recording for aeration system
Monitoring and maintaining all equipment and facilities
Operating a belt filter press
Lift station inspection (some dry/wet wells are 20+ feet deep)
Sanitary sewer inspection (removing manhole covers)
Flow monitoring in collection system and at WWTF
Servicing or rebuilding electric pumps/motors
Working in high voltage electrical cabinets
“On Call” 24/7 365
Operating Vac Truck
Helping other departments when necessary
Working independently and being accountable for said work
Working with hazardous materials
Working in confined space(s)
Working in/at “hazardous” work sites
Operating heavy equipment
Word, Excel and email computer work
Ability to obtain class B CDL with tanker endorsement within 1 year of hire