101 Things

1. Take a boat ride on the Bay of Green Bay or the Oconto River.
2. Free: Play a game of sand volleyball.
3. Enjoy a round of golf with your friends.
4. Attend an athletic event.
5. See a performance at the Machickanee Players.
6. Free: Get up early and watch the sunrise.
7. Enjoy the City’s Independence Day Celebration at Breakwater Park.
8. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of our area restaurants.
9. Enjoy our city’s heritage celebration “Copperfest” during the second weekend of June.
10. Free: Take a walk and breathe the clean, fresh, Northwood’s air.

11. Free: Play tennis at the Sharp Park tennis courts.
12. Stop for a piece of award-winning pie at Wayne’s.
13. Free: Travel on the North Park Ave “rustic road”.
14. Free: Go fishing at Breakwater Park or City Docks Park.
15. Canoe, Kayak or tube down the Oconto River
16. Free: Hike the trails at Copper Culture State Park
17. Free: Go ice skating at Sharp Park.
18. Go Ice Fishing on the Bay or Oconto River.
19. Free: Tell time on the sundial at Breakwater Park & Harbor.
20. Free: Go biking on an area trail. (Copper Culture, Oconto River State Trails)

21. Attend a special event put on by the Chamber.
22. Free: Find a secret place in the woods and relax.
23. Free: Sit and relax and watch boats coming into the Harbor.
24. Visit the gift shops & don’t go home without a souvenir.
25. Free: Relax and listen to music at a local watering hole.
26. Free: Stop by the Copper Culture Museum and take a tour, One of America’s oldest cemetary’s since 5,500 BC.
27. Free: Take a hike and listen for wildlife.
28. Relax by reading a book in one of our parks.
29. Free: Swim at City Park beach
30. Free: Play on one of our area playgrounds.

31. Free: Make s’mores on an open campfire.
32. Free: Spend a day enjoying the breathtaking fall colors.
33. Free: Explore the area and snap a few pictures for memories.
34. Take a tour at the Beyer Home Museum.
35. Spend a weekend camping at Holtwood or City Park Campground.
36. Free: Collect fallen leaves and do crayon or pencil rubs.
37. Free: Take in the Christmas lights at Winter Wonderland at Holtwood Campground.
38. Free: Sit on a sidewalk bench and people watch.
39. Free: Look for the copper medallion during “Copperfest”
40. Free: Drive out to the end of the causeway and take in the view.

41. Go out for a Friday night fish fry.
42. Enjoy the nightlife on Main Street.
43. Free: Star-gaze on a clear night.
44. Go water skiing.
45. Free: Attend a movie in the Park showing.
46. Play a round of miniature golf at Holtwood Campground.
47. Free: View bald eagles.
48. Volunteer and help plant a tree during the city’s fall planting.
49. Free: Relax with a good book at the Farnsworth Library.
50. Take a snowmobile ride on one of our many trails.

51. Free: Take pictures of Oconto’s winter scenery.
52. Free: Stop by to view the beauty of the historical courthouse.
53. Free: Look for unique rocks at the local beach or in the river.
54. Free: Experience the serene beauty of our winter by Cross Country Skiing or snowshoeing on one of our local trails and parks.
55. Free: Build sand castles at City Park beach.
56. Free: Walk around the Marsh Trail and view wildlife.
57. Free: Shoot hoops at one of the area outdoor basketball hoops.
58. Free: Check out the local landmark buildings in the Oconto area.
59. Free: Take a walk with somebody special.
60. Rent a park shelter and enjoy it with family or friends.

61. Free: Watch the 4th of July fireworks at Breakwater Park.
62. Browse through an antique shop.
63. Try your luck at logrolling at Aageson Pool.
64. Go fly fishing in the river.
65. Free: Attend your favorite local church service.
66. Free: Grill out at one of our many parks.
67. Go bowling at the local bowling alley.
68. Make a wish in the downtown fountain.
69. Free: Spend a quiet afternoon in front of a fire pit.
70. Attend National Night Out Activities at City Hall in August.

71. Enjoy the many different shopping opportunities that the downtown area has to offer.
72. Rent a paddle boat at Holtwood Campground.
73. Free: Stroll back in time on a historical walking tour of Oconto. Pick up a booklet at the Chamber office.
74. Pick up some postcards and write to family and friends.
75. Free: Play a round of Disc Golf at Holtwood Sporting Complex
76. Free: Throw a game of Horseshoes at City Park.
77. Rent a pedal racer bike at Holtwood Campground.
78. Swim & exercise at the Bond Center.
79. Have a Picnic with family at one of our Parks.
80. Free: Watch one of the many Parades down Historic Main Street.

81. Free: Write a letter to Santa during Santa’s visit at City Hall during the holidays.
82. Go for an ATV ride in the area.
83. Free: Skip rocks on the Bay.
84. Free: Play catch with a friend or family member at one of our parks.
85. Free: Workout on the Elementary School exercise trail.
86. Free: Take a stroll through Sharp Park nature trail.
87. Grab an ice cream and relax by the river.
88. Free: Catch a baseball game at Holtwood sporting complex.
89. Take a dip at Aageson Swimming Pool.
90. Free: Go hunting for wild flowers.

91. Free: Attend “Harvestfest” in September.
92. Free: Play a game of Frisbree at one of our parks.
93. Free: Attend service at the 1st Christian Science church.
94. Free: Volunteer at the local food pantry.
95. Attend the local Fly-in at the Oconto airport in September.
96. Cut your Christmas tree at Whispering Pines and enjoy horsedrawn carriage rides.
97. Free: Enjoy the Copper Culture Candlelight Hike in January.
98. Free: Tour the Old Copper Culture Museum at Copper Culture State Park.
99. Free: Take the dog for a long walk through town.
100. Rent a tube from Holtwood Campground and float down the Oconto River.
101. Sign up for one of the many Park and Recreation programs throughout the year.