Fire Department

Services Provided

Today, response to EMS and Fire emergencies represents only a fraction of the total activities of the fire department. Functions such as, fire safety inspections, public education, building plan review, community outreach, and fire prevention have become the foundations of the new fire service. Other areas of involvement now include technical rescue, hazardous material response, and emergency and disaster preparedness.


Chief of Department – John W Reed
Full Time Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians
Deputy Chief Josh Bostedt 2000
Captain Craig Henry 1989
Lieutenant Ryan Pecha 2004
Travis Cain 2015
John Floyd 2012
Cody Henry 2012
Tabitha VanDeVoort 2016

Paid-on-Call Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians
Bert Hollander
Jeremy Demerath
Matt Hoffman
Brandon Madson
Dustin Ridings
Mitchell McFadden
Shawn Demuth
Aaron Johnson
Mitchell Dakins
Steve McFadden
Merle Peterson
Becky LeBreck
Danny Cardinal II
Sash Hoagland
Lara Nichols
Amanda Bornfleth
Amanda Schultz

Fire Department Clark
Kassie Dufeck

John W Reed – Oconto Fire & Rescue Chief
1210 Main Street, Oconto, WI 54153
Phone: 920-834-7775