Noxious Weed Notice

PUBLIC NOTICE CITY OF OCONTO NOXIOUS WEEDSRESIDENTS AND PROPERTY OWNERSIn accordance with Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 66.98 – Noxious weeds must be cut or sprayed and destroyed. All weeds can be hauled to the City of Oconto’s yard waste site at 1616 Main St. Sec. 8-1-5.(b) Public Nuisance Declared. The Common Council finds that lawns, grasses and noxious weeds on nonagricultural lots or parcels of land, as classified under the Zoning Code, within the City of Oconto which exceed six (6) inches in length adversely affect the public health and safety of the public in that they tend to emit pollen and other discomforting bits of plants, constitute a fire hazard and a safety hazard in that debris can be hidden in the grass, interferes with the public convenience and adversely affects property values of other land within the City. For that reason, any nonagricultural lawn, grass or weed on a lot of other parcel of land which exceeds six (6) inches in length is hereby declared to be a public nuisance.Sec. 8-1-5.(e)Abatement of Nuisance. If the Weed Commissioner shall determine with reasonable certainty that any public nuisance as defined in Subsection (b) above exists, the City shall cut or cause to be cut all grass and weeds from the subject’s property and shall charge the expenses of so doing at a rate as established by resolution by the Common Council. The charges shall be set forth in a statement to the City Clerk/Treasurer who, in turn, shall mail the same to the owner, occupant or person in charge of the subject premises. If said statement is not paid in full within thirty (30) days thereafter, the City Clerk/Treasurer shall enter the charges in the tax roll as a special tax against said lot or parcel of land, and the same shall be collected in all respects like other taxes upon real estate, or as provided under Wis. Stats. § 66.0907.