Job Opening – WWTP Operator




The City of Oconto is accepting applications for an operator position at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. DNR certifications a plus but will train and provide schooling to chosen candidate. Must have ability to obtain class B CDL within first year of hire. Information about the job description, requirements and application can be picked up at Oconto City Hall, 1210 Main St, Oconto, WI 54153. Deadline to submit application is Monday February 24th, 2020 by 12:00 p.m.


The Oconto Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 1.8MGD facility including a commercial lab. Our process consists of preliminary treatment, primary treatment, and a secondary treatment process consisting of a trickling filter, suspended growth, clarification and chlorine disinfection. The collection systems is made up of 38 miles of sanitary sewer and 13 lift stations with a total of 24 pumps throughout all the lift stations. Pumps range in size from 2hp to 10hp in the collection system. Operators are responsible for monitoring flow through the collection system and treatment facility. Maintaining all mechanicals and structures throughout the collection system and at the treatment facility. Lab testing is done 3 days a week all year round. Our focus is to operate at the highest level of efficiency in every way possible and to keep our users and downstream waters safe for everyone to enjoy.   A Wisconsin advanced wastewater certification with subcategories A1,A2,B,C,D,L,P, SS and 5 years experience are preferred but not required. Oconto Utility Commission will provide training and schooling for the new hire per agreement at time of hiring.


Job duties consist of but are not limited to:

Changing charts
Recording pumping data
Collecting grab and composite samples
Physically disposing of screenings
Operating grit removal system
Data recording for aeration system
Monitoring and maintaining all equipment and facilities
Operating a belt filter press
Lift station inspection (some dry/wet wells are 20+ feet deep)
Sanitary sewer inspection (removing manhole covers)
Flow monitoring in collection system and at WWTF
Servicing or rebuilding electric pumps/motors
Working in high voltage electrical cabinets
“On Call” 24/7 365
Operating Vac Truck
Helping other departments when necessary
Working independently and being accountable for said work
Working with hazardous materials
Working in confined space(s)
Working in/at “hazardous” work sites
Operating heavy equipment
Word, Excel and email computer work
Ability to obtain class B CDL with tanker endorsement within 1 year of hire

Flooding Issues – December 30, 2019

Due to the flooding, we are asking the everyone refrain from driving on Bridge Street, Merrill Lane, Farnsworth Avenue, Water Street and Turner Avenue as well as any other streets that are near the Oconto River and experiencing flooding. We do have high water and road closed signs in many locations so please observe those. Also please stay out of Holtwood Campground! Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe!

Snow Removal

Under City Ordinance No. 986 and Section 6-2-7 it shall be duty of the owners and/or the occupants of any lot or parcel of land in the City of Oconto to remove, or cause to be removed, the snow and ice from any and all sidewalks.
The owner or occupant will have forty-eight hours to remove any snow or ice after the cessation of any fall of snow.
The Superintendent of Public Works or his designee shall remove or cause the snow to be removed from any and all sidewalks that may be neglected by the owner or occupant and a fee shall be assessed against the owner or occupant for the cost and expense of moving such snow. The minimum cost for the removal will be $75.00
City of Oconto
Snow Plowing and Removal
Under City Ordinance Chapter 2 Section 6-2-11 (Unlawful Dumping on Streets.) It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit or cause to be deposited, dump, sort, scatter or leave any snow or ice in any public street, sidewalk, and alley or upon any public property of another without the express permission of the owner of occupant thereof.
Citations will be issued for any person violating the above said ordinance.

Update – Restrictions Lifted

For Immediate Release:

the restrictions below have been lifted

For Immediate Release:

Due to the unprecedented extremely high water levels, the Oconto Utility Wastewater Treatment Plant is currently over capacity. We are asking residents to minimize the use of water as much as possible, including toilet flushing, until further notice. This INCLUDES the Town of Oconto, Town of Pensaukee and Town of Little River. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Fall Leaf Pick-Up


City of Oconto

The City of Oconto Department of Public Works will begin its fall curbside collection of leaves and garden waste on October 14th until November 15th. This material should be placed at the curb in separate piles. Leaves should be in a row no more than 4 feet wide and approximately 3 feet high. Leaves should be placed in open areas and not around obstacles such as street signs or trees or will not be picked up. Bagged material or mixed material will not be picked up.

Do not put leaves into the street. Place the leaves between the curb and the sidewalk and as close to the curb as possible. Leaves placed on the street will not be picked-up unless placed back in the area defined for proper pick-up. Brush cannot be mixed in with leaf piles.

Residents may also bring their loose leaves and garden waste to the City’s yard waste site, which is located at 1616 Main St.

It is not possible to accurately tell residents the exact day their leaves and garden wastes will be picked up.
If you have any questions, call 834-7725 between 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Fall Water Main Flushing

FALL WATER MAIN FLUSHING                                          



The Oconto Utility Commission will be flushing water mains in all areas south of the Oconto River on Monday, September 16th, 2019.


In all areas north of the Oconto River, West of and including Superior Avenue on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 17th & 18th, 2019.


In all areas north of the Oconto River, East of Superior Avenue, on Thursday and Friday September 19th & 20th, 2019.


Due to certain water main connections, other areas could be affected, please check your water for discoloration before using laundry.


Oconto Utility Commission